Welcome to Hotel KINZAN

Just a one-hour bus ride from Osaka, the Arima Onsen region is well-known for being the oldest hot-spring (onsen) area in Japan. The refined Hotel Kinzan, with it's beautiful tea-ceremony building, is located in the Arima Onsen region and is one of Japans's most famous hot-spring ryokan (Japanese inn).

Hotel Kinzan was originally a high-quality ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant), and these traditions carry through to the present day. Our Japanese ryokan provides a sumptuous selection of dishes, all prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

An Award-Winning Hotel
Hotel Kinzan is proud to announce that we now have "Bravo!" status with TripAdvisor, which signifies a particularly high overall rating from visitors' feedback. We are grateful for this honour, and we will continue our commitment to first-class accommodation, cuisine and hospitality.

Relax at Hotel Kinzan in Arima Onsen, and feel yourself transported to another time and place. High-class Japanese ryokan Hotel Kinzan is perfect for business trips or holidays, and provides excellent seasonal cuisine.



Arima Onsen

Arima Onsen is located in the northern Rokko mountain region, which is one hour from Osaka (the central city of western Japan) by bus. Arima Onsen area has attracted visitors from all over Japan (and beyond) for countless years with variety of special minerals that enrich the skin and ease a variety of physical ailments too.

The hot spring of Arima Onsen is loved by visitors from all over the world for a long time, including the Japanese imperial family.

Meanwhile, Arima Onsen is surrounded by traditional Japanese atmosphere thanks to its historical buildings and narrow, winding streets.
So, if you are already planning a trip to Osaka, Kyoto or Himeji Castle, visit Arima Onsen to enjoy high quality hot spring .

There is also a lot of good information about Arima Onsen on the official homepage.



Please note :

As a general policy of the ryokan, children under 13 years old (including babies) may not stay because we at Hotel Kinzan want our guests' stay to be as comfortable as possible. Please bear this in mind. However, on some occasions such as summer, winter, spring break, we make exception to this rule, so please contact us by email or call.
Children over three and under six years old charges 3,000JPY(+tax) even though food and bed is not needed. For more information, please contact us.

What is a Ryokan?

If you are coming to the Arima Onsen area but haven't been to a ryokan before, you may have some questions about what it is like.
Ryokans have a long history in Japan, and they have retained their authentic, traditional atmosphere to this day. Rooms are delicately furnished, with flooring of tatami and futons in place of western-style beds. The food is also distinctly Japanese, with a mouth-watering selection of freshly-prepared dishes.

Located in Arima Onsen, Hotel Kinzan fully embodies these cornerstones of the ryokan experience, incorporating a truly Japanese aesthetic while providing the option for both Japanese-style and western-style rooms.